OCI's TAO University Out-Reach Program

TAO can be an invaluable educational resource. It is open source with zero cost licensing and is therefore easily deployed around the campus. If you are engaged in R & D activities it is easier to deliver software including CORBA using TAO because of its open source license model. It employs leading edge software techniques and strategies, and runs across a wide enough variety of platforms to satisfy just about any Computer Science, EE, or IS department, whether it is being used for teaching or research.

CORBA is an open middleware standard essential for building distributed OO systems. TAO enables students to experience a serious, industrial strength implementation of CORBA. Experience that will count for something when building tomorrow's even more demanding infrastructure.

OCI wishes to make it easier to use CORBA in a university environment by giving low cost access to those commercial products it offers supporting TAO, the open source ORB.

OCI's 1K TAO Program

OCI offers Universities a bundled TAO product and services program discounted 70%, which includes:

  1. One copy of OCI's Multiplatform Distribution of TAO Version 1.4a (Part Number 045-01)
  2. Four Copies of Two volume edition of TAO Developer's Guide 1.4a (Part Number 540-01)
  3. One free seat at an OCI open enrollment " CORBA Programming with C++" class (part number ESDC02-01).

A total value exceeding $US2500.00 for only $US1000.00 plus shipping.

To order, contact sales : We require an order to be placed using a university letterhead Purchase Order. With credit card purchases the "ship to" and "bill to" addresses must agree and be at University facilities. Open enrollment class must be taken within one year of package purchase.


To order use the OCI 1K ordering page.

Technical Papers

Link your papers and research activities to our web site so that your experiences can help CORBA and TAO users get the most out of object middleware.

Find out who else is making a contribution!

Send a reference that you wish us to post to sales

Technical Papers

There are plenty of good sources on using CORBA and TAO. We will provide links as we discover them. If you find any you wish us to add, please contact us, sales and we will post them.

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