Windows 98 SE/x86 (Build & Run Platform)
Windows 95 OSR2 with WinSock2/x86 (Run-only)

All building and testing was done using Visual C++ 6.0 with SP4


  1. The distribution debug builds use C7 compatible debug information for improved portability. In order to easily view ACE and TAO code in the debugger, projects relying on these builds should set the Debug Info drop-down box in Project->Settings property page C/C++ to C7 Compatibile.
  2. During debugging, Visual C++ might not be able to find ACE or TAO source files. To allow Visual C++ to find the ACE/TAO source files without prompting, you need to add the relevant source directories by selecting the Tools->Options menu item. On the Directories property page, select Source Files from the Show Directories for: drop-down box, and enter the install path for %ACE_ROOT%\ace, %TAO_ROOT%\tao, etc. (note that you must expand %ACE_ROOT% or any other environment variables yourself, as Visual C++ does not in this context).