DynamicAny.pidl File Reference

Pre-compiled IDL source for the DynamicAny module. More...

import "Typecode_types.pidl";


namespace  DynamicAny


interface  DynamicAny::DynAny
exception  DynamicAny::DynAny::InvalidValue
exception  DynamicAny::DynAny::TypeMismatch
interface  DynamicAny::DynFixed
interface  DynamicAny::DynEnum
struct  DynamicAny::NameValuePair
struct  DynamicAny::NameDynAnyPair
interface  DynamicAny::DynStruct
interface  DynamicAny::DynUnion
interface  DynamicAny::DynSequence
interface  DynamicAny::DynArray
interface  DynamicAny::DynValue
interface  DynamicAny::DynAnyFactory
exception  DynamicAny::DynAnyFactory::InconsistentTypeCode


typedef string DynamicAny::FieldName
typedef sequence< NameValuePair > DynamicAny::NameValuePairSeq
typedef sequence< NameDynAnyPair > DynamicAny::NameDynAnyPairSeq
typedef sequence< any > DynamicAny::AnySeq
typedef sequence< DynAny > DynamicAny::DynAnySeq

Detailed Description

Pre-compiled IDL source for the DynamicAny module.

DynamicAny.pidl,v 2005/07/06 15:46:11 chad Exp

This file is used to generate the code in DynamicAnyC.{h,i,cpp}, it was obtained from the OMG website as part of the full CORBA IDL, the document reference number is: formal/00-04-01, or use the following URL: http://www.omg.org/technology/documents/formal/corba_omg_idl_text_file.htm

We couldn't find a copyright notice in the document, but it is safe to assume that it is Copyright (C) 2000, OMG.

We performed some modifications to the file, mainly to use local interfaces (part of what is coming in CORBA 3.0)

The command used to generate code from this file is:

tao_idl \ -o orig -Gp -Gd -Ge 1 -Sa -Sc -St -GT -I../.. \ -Wb,export_macro=TAO_DynamicAny_Export \ -Wb,export_include=dynamicany_export.h \ -Wb,pre_include="ace/pre.h" \ -Wb,post_include="ace/post.h" \ DynamicAny.pidl

after the file is generated a patch must be applied. The patch fixes some problems with interceptors and local interfaces and disables parts of the code under certain configurations.

Apply patches using:

patch < diffs/DynamicAny.diff

Note: The diffs are generated using:

for i in DynamicAnyC.{h,i,cpp}; do diff -wbu orig/$i $i > diffs/DynamicAny.diff done

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