CosNotification.idl File Reference

Define the CosNotification module. More...


namespace  CosNotification


struct  CosNotification::Property
 Define a name/value pair. More...
struct  CosNotification::_EventType
 Define event type names. More...
struct  CosNotification::PropertyRange
 A structure to define property ranges. More...
struct  CosNotification::NamedPropertyRange
 A named property range. More...
struct  CosNotification::PropertyError
 Describe the problems detected with an application requested QoS. More...
exception  CosNotification::UnsupportedQoS
 Exception used to describe problems with one or more QoS requests. More...
exception  CosNotification::UnsupportedAdmin
 Exception used to describe problems with one or more Admin properties. More...
struct  CosNotification::FixedEventHeader
 Define the 'fixed' part of the event header. More...
struct  CosNotification::EventHeader
 Complete event header. More...
struct  CosNotification::StructuredEvent
 Define structured events. More...
interface  CosNotification::QoSAdmin
 Interface used to control the QoS properties of an Event Service components (Channel, Proxy, etc.). More...
interface  CosNotification::AdminPropertiesAdmin
 Define the interface to manipulate the Admin properties of a Notification Service components. More...

Different kinds of property sequences

The following are all sequences of Property, but serve different purposes.

typedef PropertySeq CosNotification::OptionalHeaderFields
 Property sequence used for optional header fields.
typedef PropertySeq CosNotification::FilterableEventBody
typedef PropertySeq CosNotification::QoSProperties
 Specify quality of service properties.
typedef PropertySeq CosNotification::AdminProperties
 Specify administrative properties.

Constants for QoS Properties

The following constant declarations define the standard QoS property names and the associated values each property can take on. The name/value pairs for each standard property are grouped, beginning with a string constant defined for the property name, followed by the values the property can take on.

const string CosNotification::EventReliability = "EventReliability"
const short CosNotification::BestEffort = 0
const short CosNotification::Persistent = 1
const string CosNotification::ConnectionReliability = "ConnectionReliability"
 Can take on the same values as EventReliability.
const string CosNotification::Priority = "Priority"
const short CosNotification::LowestPriority = -32767
const short CosNotification::HighestPriority = 32767
const short CosNotification::DefaultPriority = 0
const string CosNotification::StartTime = "StartTime"
 StartTime takes a value of type TimeBase::UtcT.
const string CosNotification::StopTime = "StopTime"
 StopTime takes a value of type TimeBase::UtcT.
const string CosNotification::Timeout = "Timeout"
 Timeout takes on a value of type TimeBase::TimeT.
const string CosNotification::OrderPolicy = "OrderPolicy"
const short CosNotification::AnyOrder = 0
const short CosNotification::FifoOrder = 1
const short CosNotification::PriorityOrder = 2
const short CosNotification::DeadlineOrder = 3
const string CosNotification::DiscardPolicy = "DiscardPolicy"
 DiscardPolicy takes on the same values as OrderPolicy, plus.
const short CosNotification::LifoOrder = 4
const string CosNotification::MaximumBatchSize = "MaximumBatchSize"
 MaximumBatchSize takes on a value of type long.
const string CosNotification::PacingInterval = "PacingInterval"
 PacingInterval takes on a value of type TimeBase::TimeT.
const string CosNotification::StartTimeSupported = "StartTimeSupported"
 StartTimeSupported takes on a boolean value.
const string CosNotification::StopTimeSupported = "StopTimeSupported"
 StopTimeSupported takes on a boolean value.
const string CosNotification::MaxEventsPerConsumer = "MaxEventsPerConsumer"
 MaxEventsPerConsumer takes on a value of type long.

Constants for Admin Properties

Admin properties are defined in similar manner as QoS properties. The only difference is that these properties are related to channel administration policies, as opposed message quality of service

const string CosNotification::MaxQueueLength = "MaxQueueLength"
 MaxQueueLength takes on a value of type long.
const string CosNotification::MaxConsumers = "MaxConsumers"
 MaxConsumers takes on a value of type long.
const string CosNotification::MaxSuppliers = "MaxSuppliers"
 MaxSuppliers takes on a value of type long.
const string CosNotification::RejectNewEvents = "RejectNewEvents"
 RejectNewEvents takes on a value of type Boolean.


typedef string CosNotification::Istring
typedef Istring CosNotification::PropertyName
 Properties are named using a string.
typedef any CosNotification::PropertyValue
 Property values are stored using anys.
typedef sequence< Property > CosNotification::PropertySeq
 Define a sequence of properties.
typedef sequence< _EventType > CosNotification::EventTypeSeq
 A sequence of event types.
typedef sequence< NamedPropertyRange > CosNotification::NamedPropertyRangeSeq
 A sequence of named property ranges.
typedef sequence< PropertyError > CosNotification::PropertyErrorSeq
 List of property errors.
typedef sequence< StructuredEvent > CosNotification::EventBatch
 Sequence of events, for batch processing.


enum  CosNotification::QoSError_code {
  CosNotification::BAD_PROPERTY, CosNotification::BAD_TYPE, CosNotification::BAD_VALUE
 Describe QoS errors. More...

Detailed Description

Define the CosNotification module.

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