ACE_SSL Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ACE_SSL_Asynch_StreamThis class is a factory for starting off asynchronous reads on a stream. This class forwards all methods to its implementation class
ACE_SSL_ContextA wrapper for the OpenSSL SSL_CTX related functions
ACE_SSL_SOCKAn abstract class that forms the basis for more specific classes, such as "ACE_SSL_SOCK_Acceptor" and "ACE_SSL_SOCK_Stream". Do not instantiate this class
ACE_SSL_SOCK_AcceptorDefines a factory that creates new ACE_SSL_SOCK_Stream objects passively
ACE_SSL_SOCK_ConnectorDefines a factory that creates new <ACE_SSL_SOCK_Stream>s actively
ACE_SSL_SOCK_StreamDefines methods in the ACE_SSL_SOCK_Stream abstraction

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