SSL_Context.h File Reference

#include "SSL_Export.h"
#include "ace/SString.h"
#include "ace/OS_NS_Thread.h"
#include <openssl/ssl.h>

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class  ACE_SSL_Data_File
class  ACE_SSL_Context
 A wrapper for the OpenSSL SSL_CTX related functions. More...


void ACE_SSL_locking_callback (int mode, int type, const char *file, int line)
unsigned long ACE_SSL_thread_id (void)

Detailed Description

SSL_Context.h,v 2005/01/03 19:36:20 chad Exp

Carlos O'Ryan <>

Function Documentation

void ACE_SSL_locking_callback int  mode,
int  type,
const char *  file,
int  line

Mutex locking/unlocking callback for OpenSSL multithread support.

unsigned long ACE_SSL_thread_id void   ) 

Return the current thread ID. OpenSSL uses this on platforms that need it.

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