ACE_RMCast Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ACE_RMCastThe RMCast namespace
ACE_RMCast::Ack_JoinReceivers accept new members using this message
ACE_RMCast::Ack_LeaveSenders acknowledge when receivers try to leave
ACE_RMCast::DataThis is the main message sent by senders
ACE_RMCast::JoinReceivers send this message to indicate they want to join
ACE_RMCast::LeaveReceivers send this message to disconnect gracefully
ACE_RMCast_Ack_WorkerProcess an Ack message in the ACE_RMCast_Retransmission module
ACE_RMCast_Copy_On_Write< KEY, ITEM, COLLECTION, ITERATOR >Implement a copy on write wrapper for a map-like collection
ACE_RMCast_Copy_On_Write_Collection< COLLECTION, ITERATOR >A wrapper to implement reference counted collections
ACE_RMCast_Copy_On_Write_Container< COLLECTION, ITERATOR >
ACE_RMCast_Copy_On_Write_Read_Guard< COLLECTION, ITERATOR >Implement a read guard for a reference counted collection
ACE_RMCast_Copy_On_Write_Write_Guard< COLLECTION, ITERATOR >Implement the write guard for a reference counted collecion
ACE_RMCast_ForkFork messages to multiple destinations
ACE_RMCast_FragmentFragmentation module
ACE_RMCast_MembershipTrack peer membership
ACE_RMCast_ModuleReliable Multicast Module
ACE_RMCast_Module_FactoryCreate Module stacks
ACE_RMCast_Partial_Message::HoleRepresent a missing portion of a message
ACE_RMCast_ProxyLocal representation for remote peers
ACE_RMCast_ReassemblyReassemble multiple data fragments into a single data message
ACE_RMCast_Receiver_ModuleKeep track of the receiver module
ACE_RMCast_ReorderingPass messages up in sent order
ACE_RMCast_Resend_WorkerProcess an Ack message in the ACE_RMCast_Retransmission module
ACE_RMCast_RetransmissionStore messages for retransmission in reliable configurations
ACE_RMCast_SequencerAssign sequence numbers to outgoing messages
ACE_RMCast_UDP_Event_HandlerImplement an Adapter for the ACE_RMCast_IO_UDP class
ACE_RMCast_UDP_ProxyDefine the proxy implementation for UDP based communication
ACE_RMCast_Worker< KEY, ITEM >

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