RMCast.h File Reference

#include "RMCast_Export.h"
#include "ace/Basic_Types.h"

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class  ACE_RMCast
 The RMCast namespace. More...
struct  ACE_RMCast::Data
 This is the main message sent by senders. More...
struct  ACE_RMCast::Poll
struct  ACE_RMCast::Ack_Join
 Receivers accept new members using this message. More...
struct  ACE_RMCast::Ack_Leave
 Senders acknowledge when receivers try to leave. More...
struct  ACE_RMCast::Ack
struct  ACE_RMCast::Join
 Receivers send this message to indicate they want to join. More...
struct  ACE_RMCast::Leave
 Receivers send this message to disconnect gracefully. More...

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