SStringfwd.h File Reference

#include "ace/Basic_Types.h"


typedef wchar_t ACE_WSTRING_TYPE
typedef ACE_String_Base< char > ACE_CString
typedef ACE_String_Base< ACE_WSTRING_TYPEACE_WString
typedef ACE_CString ACE_TString

Detailed Description

SStringfwd.h,v 2005/09/13 19:07:18 giovannd Exp

Forward declarations and typedefs of ACE string types.

Douglas C. Schmidt <>

Nanbor Wang <>

Ossama Othman <>

Typedef Documentation

typedef ACE_String_Base<char> ACE_CString

typedef ACE_CString ACE_TString

typedef ACE_String_Base<ACE_WSTRING_TYPE> ACE_WString

typedef wchar_t ACE_WSTRING_TYPE

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