OS_NS_string_base.h File Reference

#include <string.h>
#include "ace/OS_NS_string_base.inl"

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namespace  ACE_OS


size_t ACE_OS::strlen (const char *s)
 Finds the length of a string (char version).
char * ACE_OS::strncpy (char *s, const char *t, size_t len)
 Copies an array (char version).
size_t ACE_OS::wcslen_emulation (const wchar_t *string)
 Emulated wcslen - Returns the length of a string.
wchar_t * ACE_OS::wcsncpy_emulation (wchar_t *destination, const wchar_t *source, size_t len)
 Emulated wcsncpy - Copies an array.

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