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TAO_RTEvent Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
RtecUDPAdmin::AddrServerDefines a interface to configure the mapping between events and multicast groups (or UDP broadcast or UDP unicast) addresses
RtecEventChannelAdmin::AlreadyConnectedException raised if a consumer or supplier tries to reconnect even though it is connected already
RtecEventChannelAdmin::ConsumerAdminImplement an Abstract Factory to create ProxyPushSupplier objects
RtecEventChannelAdmin::ConsumerQOSDefine the complete QoS properties of a consumer
RtecEventChannelAdmin::DependencyEncapsulate the parameters of a consumer QoS property
RtecBase::Dependency_InfoDefine dependencies between two RT_Infos
RtecEventComm::EventThe basic events delivered by the Event Service
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannelThe main interface for the event service
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::CANT_APPEND_OBSERVERException raised if the Event Channel is unable to add an observer due to some internal limitation
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::CANT_REMOVE_OBSERVERException raised if the Event Channel is unable to remove an observer due to some internal limitation or because the observer cannot be found
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::CORRELATION_ERRORException raised if the requested correlation (a form of filtering) is invalid
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::DISPATCH_ERRORException raised if the event cannot be dispatched
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::QOS_ERRORException raised if the QOS properties required are invalid or cannot be satisfied
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::SUBSCRIPTION_ERRORException raised if the subscriptions are invalid
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::SYNCHRONIZATION_ERRORException raised if the Event Channel cannot acquire its internal locks
RtecEventComm::EventHeaderDefine the structure of an event header
RtecEventChannelAdmin::ObserverMonitor changes in the consumer subscriptions and/or supplier publciations
RtecEventChannelAdmin::ProxyPushConsumerInterface used to implement the Abstract Session pattern for the suppliers
RtecEventChannelAdmin::ProxyPushSupplierInterface used to implement the Abstract Session pattern for the consumers
RtecEventChannelAdmin::PublicationEncapsulate one supplier publication and the QoS properties for that publication
RtecEventComm::PushConsumerDefine the interface used by consumers to receive events
RtecEventComm::PushSupplierDefines the interface used by suppliers to receive callbacks from the Event Channel
RtecEventDataUser defined Event Data
RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierAdminImplement an Abstract Factory to create ProxyPushConsumer objects
RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierQOSDescribe the complete QoS and filtering properties for a supplier
TAO_EC_And_FilterThe 'logical and' filter
TAO_EC_Basic_FactoryThe factory for a simple event channel
TAO_EC_Basic_Filter_BuilderImplement a builder for the fundamental filters
TAO_EC_Basic_ObserverStrategyA simple observer strategy
TAO_EC_Bitmask_FilterThe bitmask filter
TAO_EC_Busy_Lock_Adapter< Adaptee >
TAO_EC_Conjunction_FilterThe conjunction filter
TAO_EC_ConsumerAdminImplements the ConsumerAdmin interface, i.e. the factory for TAO_EC_ProxyPushSupplier objects
TAO_EC_ConsumerControl_AdapterForwards timeout events to the Reactive ConsumerControl
TAO_EC_Default_FactoryA generic factory for EC experimentation
TAO_EC_Disjunction_FilterThe disjunction filter
TAO_EC_DispatchingAbstract base class for the dispatching strategies
TAO_EC_Dispatching_TaskImplement the dispatching queues for FIFO and Priority dispatching
TAO_EC_Event_ChannelThe RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel implementation
TAO_EC_Event_Channel_AttributesDefines the construction time attributes for the Event Channel
TAO_EC_FactoryAbstract base class for the Event Channel components
TAO_EC_FilterAbstract base class for the filter hierarchy
TAO_EC_Filter_BuilderAbstract base class for the filter builders
TAO_EC_GatewayEvent Channel Gateway
TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOPEvent Channel Gateway using IIOP
TAO_EC_Gateway_SchedExtend the EC_Gateway_IIOP interface to support scheduling
TAO_EC_Group_SchedulingA scheduling strategy that preserves event groups
TAO_EC_Masked_Type_FilterA masked type filter
TAO_EC_MT_DispatchingDispatching strategy that minimizes mt inversion
TAO_EC_Negation_FilterThe negation filter
TAO_EC_Null_FactoryThe factory for a simple event channel
TAO_EC_Null_FilterA null filter
TAO_EC_Null_Filter_BuilderA simple implementation of the filter builder
TAO_EC_Null_ObserverStrategyA null observer strategy
TAO_EC_Null_SchedulingA scheduling strategy that separates event groups and delivers one event at a time
TAO_EC_ObserverStrategyThe strategy to handle observers for the Event Channel subscriptions and publication
TAO_EC_Per_Supplier_FilterFilter the events on each supplier
TAO_EC_Per_Supplier_Filter_BuilderCreate Per_Supplier_Filter objects
TAO_EC_Prefix_Filter_BuilderImplement a builder for the fundamental filters
TAO_EC_Priority_DispatchingDispatching strategy that minimizes priority inversion
TAO_EC_Priority_SchedulingA scheduling strategy that uses TAO's real-time scheduler
TAO_EC_ProxyPushConsumer_GuardA Guard for the ProxyPushConsumer reference count
TAO_EC_QOS_InfoA representation of QoS information for the event channel filters
TAO_EC_Reactive_DispatchingDispatch using the caller thread
TAO_EC_Reactive_Timeout_GeneratorA simple implementation of the Timeout_Generator based on the Reactor
TAO_EC_RTCORBA_DispatchingRTCORBA-based dispatching strategy
TAO_EC_RTCORBA_FactoryDecorate an EC_Factory to use the EC_RTCORBA_Dispatching module
TAO_EC_Sched_FactoryExtend the default factory to support scheduling
TAO_EC_Sched_FilterDecorate a filter with scheduling information
TAO_EC_Sched_Filter_BuilderImplement a builder for the fundamental filters
TAO_EC_Scheduling_StrategyDefine the interface for the scheduling strategy
TAO_EC_Simple_AddrServerTAO Real-time Event Service; a simple UDP address server
TAO_EC_Supplier_FilterThe strategy to filter close to the supplier
TAO_EC_Supplier_Filter_BuilderAbstract base class for the supplier filter builders
TAO_EC_SupplierAdminImplement the RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierAdmin interface
TAO_EC_SupplierControl_AdapterForwards timeout events to the Reactive SupplierControl
TAO_EC_Timeout_AdapterAdapt the EC_Filter interface as an Event_Handler
TAO_EC_Timeout_FilterA filter based on event type/source
TAO_EC_Timeout_GeneratorDefine the interface for the generators of timeout events
TAO_EC_Trivial_Supplier_FilterA null filtering strategy
TAO_EC_Trivial_Supplier_Filter_BuilderCreate a single Trivial_Supplier_Filter
TAO_EC_Type_FilterA filter based on event type/source
TAO_ECG_UDP_EHEvent Handler for UDP messages
TAO_ECG_UDP_Out_EndpointMaintains information about an outgoing endpoint
TAO_ECG_UDP_ReceiverDecodes events from an ACE_SOCK_Dgram and pushes them to the Event_Channel
TAO_ECG_UDP_Request_EntryKeeps information about an incomplete request
TAO_ECG_UDP_Request_IndexIndex to the request map
TAO_ECG_UDP_THTimer Handler for the UDP Receivers
RtecEventChannelAdmin::TypeErrorObsolete exception
RtecUDPAdmin::UDP_AddrRepresent a UDP SAP

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