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TAO_Implementation_Repository File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Adapter_Activator.cpp [code]
Adapter_Activator.h [code]This class implements ImR's Adapter Activator
Forwarder.cpp [code]Definition of ImR_Forwarder
Forwarder.h [code]This class implements ImR's forwarding ServantLocator
ImR_Activator.cpp [code]
ImR_Activator_i.cpp [code]
ImR_Activator_i.h [code]This class implements the Implementation Repository
ImR_Locator.cpp [code]
ImR_Locator_i.cpp [code]
ImR_Locator_i.h [code]
Iterator.cpp [code]This file declares ImR's iterator
Iterator.h [code]This file declares ImR's iterator
Locator.cpp [code]Implementation of the ImR's INS Locator class
Locator.h [code]This class implements the ImR's INS Locator class
NT_Service.cpp [code]
NT_Service.h [code]
Options.cpp [code]
Options.h [code]Definition of the Options class for the Implementation Repository
Repository_Configuration.cpp [code]
Repository_Configuration.h [code]Class to maintain the non-Win32 Registry Server Configuration. Also is a wrapper around ACE_Configuration_Heap class
Server_Info.cpp [code]
Server_Info.h [code]
Server_Repository.cpp [code]
Server_Repository.h [code]
tao_imr.cpp [code]
tao_imr_i.cpp [code]
tao_imr_i.h [code]
XML_ContentHandler.cpp [code]
XML_ContentHandler.h [code]This is a content handler which helps update the existing xml file used for store server configuration

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