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CORBA::DIIPollable_var Class Reference

#include <PollableC.h>

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Public Methods

 DIIPollable_var (void)
 DIIPollable_var (DIIPollable_ptr p)
 DIIPollable_var (const DIIPollable_var &)
 ~DIIPollable_var (void)
DIIPollable_var & operator= (DIIPollable_ptr)
DIIPollable_var & operator= (const DIIPollable_var &)
DIIPollable_ptr operator-> (void) const
 operator const DIIPollable_ptr & () const
 operator DIIPollable_ptr & ()
DIIPollable_ptr in (void) const
DIIPollable_ptrinout (void)
DIIPollable_ptrout (void)
DIIPollable_ptr _retn (void)
DIIPollable_ptr ptr (void) const

Static Public Methods

DIIPollable_ptr tao_duplicate (DIIPollable_ptr)
void tao_release (DIIPollable_ptr)
DIIPollable_ptr tao_nil (void)
DIIPollable_ptr tao_narrow (CORBA::Object *ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL_NOT_USED)
CORBA::Objecttao_upcast (void *)

Private Methods

 DIIPollable_var (const TAO_Base_var &rhs)
DIIPollable_var & operator= (const TAO_Base_var &rhs)

Private Attributes

DIIPollable_ptr ptr_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CORBA::DIIPollable_var::DIIPollable_var void   

Definition at line 397 of file PollableC.cpp.

00398   : ptr_ (DIIPollable::_nil ())
00399 {}

CORBA::DIIPollable_var::DIIPollable_var DIIPollable_ptr    p [inline]

Definition at line 303 of file PollableC.h.

References CORBA::DIIPollable_ptr.

00303 : ptr_ (p) {} 

CORBA::DIIPollable_var::DIIPollable_var const DIIPollable_var &   

CORBA::DIIPollable_var::~DIIPollable_var void   

Definition at line 412 of file PollableC.cpp.

References CORBA::release.

00413 {
00414   CORBA::release (this->ptr_);
00415 }

CORBA::DIIPollable_var::DIIPollable_var const TAO_Base_var   rhs [private]

Member Function Documentation

DIIPollable_ptr CORBA::DIIPollable_var::_retn void   

DIIPollable_ptr CORBA::DIIPollable_var::in void    const

DIIPollable_ptr& CORBA::DIIPollable_var::inout void   

CORBA::DIIPollable_var::operator const DIIPollable_ptr &   const

CORBA::DIIPollable_var::operator DIIPollable_ptr &  

DIIPollable_ptr CORBA::DIIPollable_var::operator-> void    const

DIIPollable_var& CORBA::DIIPollable_var::operator= const TAO_Base_var   rhs [private]

DIIPollable_var& CORBA::DIIPollable_var::operator= const DIIPollable_var &   

CORBA::DIIPollable_var & CORBA::DIIPollable_var::operator= DIIPollable_ptr   

Definition at line 418 of file PollableC.cpp.

References CORBA::DIIPollable_ptr, ptr_, and CORBA::release.

00419 {
00420   CORBA::release (this->ptr_);
00421   this->ptr_ = p;
00422   return *this;
00423 }

DIIPollable_ptr& CORBA::DIIPollable_var::out void   

CORBA::DIIPollable_ptr CORBA::DIIPollable_var::ptr void    const

Definition at line 402 of file PollableC.cpp.

References ptr_.

00403 {
00404   return this->ptr_;
00405 }

DIIPollable_ptr CORBA::DIIPollable_var::tao_duplicate DIIPollable_ptr    [static]

DIIPollable_ptr CORBA::DIIPollable_var::tao_narrow CORBA::Object   ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL_NOT_USED [static]

DIIPollable_ptr CORBA::DIIPollable_var::tao_nil void    [static]

void CORBA::DIIPollable_var::tao_release DIIPollable_ptr    [static]

CORBA::Object* CORBA::DIIPollable_var::tao_upcast void *    [static]

Member Data Documentation

DIIPollable_ptr CORBA::DIIPollable_var::ptr_ [private]

Definition at line 332 of file PollableC.h.

Referenced by operator=, and ptr.

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