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BoundsC.h File Reference

#include "ace/pre.h"
#include "tao/corbafwd.h"
#include "TAO_Export.h"
#include "Exception.h"
#include "CDR.h"
#include "ace/post.h"

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namespace  CORBA


exception  CORBA::Bounds
 UserException for NVList::item(). More...


#define TAO_EXPORT_MACRO   TAO_Export


operator<<= (CORBA::Any &, const CORBA::Bounds &)
TAO_Export void operator<<= (CORBA::Any &, CORBA::Bounds *)
TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator>>= (const CORBA::Any &, CORBA::Bounds *&)
TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator>>= (const CORBA::Any &, const CORBA::Bounds *&)
TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator<< (TAO_OutputCDR &, const CORBA::Bounds &)
TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator>> (TAO_InputCDR &, CORBA::Bounds &)

Define Documentation


Definition at line 63 of file BoundsC.h.

#define TAO_EXPORT_MACRO   TAO_Export

Definition at line 39 of file BoundsC.h.

Function Documentation

TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator<< TAO_OutputCDR  ,
const CORBA::Bounds  

Definition at line 25 of file BoundsC.i.

00026 {
00027   // first marshal the repository ID
00028   if (strm << _tao_aggregate._rep_id ())
00029     return 1;
00030   else
00031     return 0;
00032 }

TAO_Export void operator<<= CORBA::Any  ,

TAO_NAMESPACE_CLOSE TAO_Export void operator<<= CORBA::Any  ,
const CORBA::Bounds  

TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator>> TAO_InputCDR  ,

Definition at line 34 of file BoundsC.i.

00035 {
00036   return 1;
00037 }

TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator>>= const CORBA::Any  ,
const CORBA::Bounds *&   

TAO_Export CORBA::Boolean operator>>= const CORBA::Any  ,
CORBA::Bounds *&   

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