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ACE on Windows CE status

By me, Darrell Brunsch <>


Been a while since I updated this file. Where to begin. Well, as of the next beta kit of ACE (5.1.11), it should be compiling for the PocketPC. And it will have new eMbedded Visual C++ project files (*.vcw and *.vcp). Even though it does not have all of ACE, the stuff it has should still make it useful.

I have shifted off of Windows CE though, so the updates aren't going to come in as I once planned. Although I did get the library to compile and link, I don't have any tests ready for it.

I'm planning on getting the ACE tests re-ported to Windows CE again. I say re-ported because I'm planning on dealing with the lack of stdout a bit differently than Nanbor did. Instead of making a GUI front end for each test (which I believe is what the WindozeCE stuff is), I'm going to let them remain GUI-less and perhaps write an application to read the log files after running the tests.

eMbedded Visual C++ Projects

ACE now uses the eMbedded Visual C++ project files (instead of the older Windows CE Toolkit for Visual C++ project files). EVC is free from MS, either it can be found in the MSDN subscriptions (not free) or a CD from MS -- which isn't completely free either, since you still have to pay for the shipping and handling.


ACE on CE is currently split into two libraries, ace_os.dll and ace.dll. The ace_os library contains the files which are considered part of the ACE_OS subset. The ace library contains everything else. If ACE becomes more splittable, ace.dll will probably be broken apart even more.

And unlike the current *nix subsets, these two libraries are truly separate and do not require recompilation when the subsets required are changed.


While it would be nice to get TAO working on CE, I doubt I'll get a chance to work on it before graduating. OCI has said there has been some interest in it, but I don't know how that is going right now.


ACE on WindowsCE automatically has ACE_HAS_WCHAR and ACE_USES_WCHAR turned on. Thus ACE_TCHAR and ACE_TEXT() are the wide char versions.

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