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ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver Class Reference

#include <RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver.h>

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Public Methods

 ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver (ACE_RMCast_Module *user_control)
 Constructor. More...

virtual ~ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver (void)
 Destructor. More...

int init (const ACE_INET_Addr &mcast_group)
 Open the UDP I/O module. More...

void reactive_incoming_messages (ACE_Reactor *reactor)
 Use the reactor to handle incoming messages. More...

Private Attributes

ACE_RMCast_Singleton_Factory user_factory_
 All the proxys give their messages to user module. More...

ACE_RMCast_Reliable_Factory factory_
 This factory creates the per-proxy stack. More...

ACE_RMCast_IO_UDP io_udp_
 Handle all the UDP I/O. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver::ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver ACE_RMCast_Module   user_control


Definition at line 13 of file RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver.cpp.

00014   : user_factory_ (user_module)
00015   , factory_ (&user_factory_)
00016   , io_udp_ (&factory_)
00017 {
00018 }

ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver::~ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver void    [virtual]


Definition at line 20 of file RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver.cpp.

00021 {
00022 }

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE int ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver::init const ACE_INET_Addr   mcast_group

Open the UDP I/O module.

Definition at line 4 of file RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver.i.

References io_udp_, and ACE_RMCast_IO_UDP::subscribe.

00005 {
00006   return this->io_udp_.subscribe (mcast_group);
00007 }

void ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver::reactive_incoming_messages ACE_Reactor   reactor

Use the reactor to handle incoming messages.

Definition at line 25 of file RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver.cpp.

References ACE_NEW, ACE_Event_Handler::READ_MASK, and ACE_Reactor::register_handler.

00026 {
00027   ACE_RMCast_UDP_Event_Handler *eh;
00028   ACE_NEW (eh, ACE_RMCast_UDP_Event_Handler (&this->io_udp_));
00030   /// @@ TODO Make sure it is removed from the Reactor at some point
00031   (void) reactor->register_handler (eh, ACE_Event_Handler::READ_MASK);
00032 }

Member Data Documentation

ACE_RMCast_Reliable_Factory ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver::factory_ [private]

This factory creates the per-proxy stack.

Definition at line 38 of file RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver.h.

ACE_RMCast_IO_UDP ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver::io_udp_ [private]

Handle all the UDP I/O.

Definition at line 41 of file RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver.h.

Referenced by init.

ACE_RMCast_Singleton_Factory ACE_RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver::user_factory_ [private]

All the proxys give their messages to user module.

Definition at line 35 of file RMCast_UDP_Reliable_Receiver.h.

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