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ACE_RMCast_Module_Factory Class Reference

Create Module stacks. More...

#include <RMCast_Module_Factory.h>

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Public Methods

virtual ~ACE_RMCast_Module_Factory (void)
 Destructor. More...

virtual ACE_RMCast_Modulecreate (void)=0
 Create a new proxy. More...

virtual void destroy (ACE_RMCast_Module *)=0
 Destroy a proxy. More...

Detailed Description

Create Module stacks.

Different application will probably require different configurations in their Module stack, some will just want best effort semantics. Others will use Reliable communication with a maximum retransmission time. Furthermore, applications may want to receive messages in send order, or just as soon as they are received. Obviously most applications will want to change want happens once a message is completely received.

To achieve all this flexibility the IO layer uses this factory to create the full stack of Modules corresponding to a single consumer. To keep the complexity under control the intention is to create helper Factories, such as Reliable_Module_Factory where applications only need to customize a few features.

Definition at line 48 of file RMCast_Module_Factory.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_RMCast_Module_Factory::~ACE_RMCast_Module_Factory void    [virtual]


Definition at line 11 of file RMCast_Module_Factory.cpp.

00012 {
00013 }

Member Function Documentation

virtual ACE_RMCast_Module* ACE_RMCast_Module_Factory::create void    [pure virtual]

Create a new proxy.

Implemented in ACE_RMCast_Reliable_Factory.

Referenced by ACE_RMCast_Reliable_Factory::create, and ACE_RMCast_IO_UDP::handle_input.

virtual void ACE_RMCast_Module_Factory::destroy ACE_RMCast_Module   [pure virtual]

Destroy a proxy.

Some factories may allocate modules from a pool, or return the same module for all proxies. Consequently, only the factory knows how to destroy them.

Implemented in ACE_RMCast_Reliable_Factory.

Referenced by ACE_RMCast_Reliable_Factory::destroy, and ACE_RMCast_IO_UDP::handle_input.

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