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Time_Value.h File Reference

#include "ace/pre.h"
#include "ace/OS_Export.h"
#include "ace/ACE_export.h"
#include "ace/post.h"

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class  ACE_Time_Value
 Operations on "timeval" structures, which express time in seconds (secs) and microseconds (usecs). More...

struct  timespec


#define ACE_ONE_SECOND_IN_USECS   1000000L
#define ACE_ONE_SECOND_IN_NSECS   1000000000L


typedef timespec timespec_t


ACE_OS_Export ACE_Time_Value operator+ (const ACE_Time_Value &tv1, const ACE_Time_Value &tv2)
ACE_OS_Export ACE_Time_Value operator- (const ACE_Time_Value &tv1, const ACE_Time_Value &tv2)

Detailed Description

Time_Value.h,v 2003/02/21 18:36:32 chad Exp

Douglas C. Schmidt <>

Definition in file Time_Value.h.

Define Documentation


Definition at line 51 of file Time_Value.h.

Referenced by ACE_OS::sleep.

#define ACE_ONE_SECOND_IN_NSECS   1000000000L

Definition at line 53 of file Time_Value.h.

Referenced by ACE_Profile_Timer::elapsed_time, ACE_OS::gethrtime, ACE_OS::nanosleep, ACE_High_Res_Timer::print_ave, and ACE_High_Res_Timer::print_total.

#define ACE_ONE_SECOND_IN_USECS   1000000L

Definition at line 52 of file Time_Value.h.

Referenced by ACE_OS::cond_timedwait, ACE_Profile_Timer::elapsed_time, ACE_High_Res_Timer::gettime, ACE_High_Res_Timer::global_scale_factor, ACE_OS::mutex_lock, ACE_Time_Value::normalize, ACE_Time_Value::operator *=, ACE_Dynamic_Message_Strategy::priority_status, ACE_OS::sema_wait, ACE_Time_Value::set, and ACE_OS::ualarm.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct timespec timespec_t

Function Documentation

ACE_OS_Export ACE_Time_Value operator+ const ACE_Time_Value   tv1,
const ACE_Time_Value   tv2

Definition at line 307 of file Time_Value.inl.

00309 {
00310   // ACE_OS_TRACE ("operator +");
00311   ACE_Time_Value sum (tv1.sec () + tv2.sec (),
00312                       tv1.usec () + tv2.usec ());
00314   sum.normalize ();
00315   return sum;
00316 }

ACE_OS_Export ACE_Time_Value operator- const ACE_Time_Value   tv1,
const ACE_Time_Value   tv2

Definition at line 321 of file Time_Value.inl.

00323 {
00324   // ACE_OS_TRACE ("operator -");
00325   ACE_Time_Value delta (tv1.sec () - tv2.sec (),
00326                         tv1.usec () - tv2.usec ());
00327   delta.normalize ();
00328   return delta;
00329 }

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