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OS.cpp File Reference

#include "ace_pch.h"
#include "ace/OS.h"
#include "ace/Sched_Params.h"
#include "ace/OS_Thread_Adapter.h"
#include "ace/OS_QoS.h"
#include "ace/OS.i"

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class  ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node
 For maintaining a list of ACE_Cleanup_Info items. More...

class  ACE_OS_Object_Manager_Manager
 Ensure that the <ACE_OS_Object_Manager> gets initialized at program startup, and destroyed at program termination. More...

class  ACE_TSS_Cleanup
 Singleton that knows how to clean up all the thread-specific resources for Win32. More...


#define ACE_OS_GUARD
#define ACE_THREAD_FUNCTION   thread_args->entry_point ()
#define ACE_THREAD_ARGUMENT   thread_args


const char * get_rcsid_ace_OS (const char *)
void ACE_TSS_Cleanup_keys_destroyer (void *tss_keys)
void ace_cleanup_destroyer (ACE_Cleanup *object, void *param)
void ace_mutex_lock_cleanup_adapter (void *args)
void ACE_OS_Object_Manager_Internal_Exit_Hook (void)


const char * rcsid_ace_OS = get_rcsid_ace_OS ( rcsid_ace_OS )
int ace_exit_hook_marker = 0
ACE_OS_Object_Manager_Manager ACE_OS_Object_Manager_Manager_instance

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delete (TYPE *) preallocated_object[ID];\
    preallocated_object[ID] = 0;

Definition at line 6512 of file OS.cpp.

Referenced by ACE_OS_Object_Manager::fini.

#define ACE_OS_GUARD

Definition at line 244 of file OS.cpp.

Referenced by ACE_OS::localtime_r, ACE_OS::mktime, ACE_OS::pread, and ACE_OS::pwrite.



      TYPE *obj_p = 0;\
      ACE_NEW_RETURN (obj_p, TYPE, -1);\
      preallocated_object[ID] = (void *) obj_p;\

Definition at line 6506 of file OS.cpp.

Referenced by ACE_OS_Object_Manager::init.

#define ACE_THREAD_ARGUMENT   thread_args

#define ACE_THREAD_FUNCTION   thread_args->entry_point ()


Definition at line 246 of file OS.cpp.


Definition at line 245 of file OS.cpp.

Referenced by ACE_TSS_Cleanup::detach, ACE_TSS_Cleanup::exit, ACE_TSS_Cleanup::insert, ACE_TSS_Cleanup::instance, ACE_TSS_Cleanup::key_used, ACE_TSS_Cleanup::remove, and ACE_TSS_Cleanup::tss_keys.

Function Documentation

void ace_cleanup_destroyer ACE_Cleanup   object,
void *    param

Definition at line 2556 of file OS.cpp.

References ACE_Cleanup::cleanup.

Referenced by ACE_OS_Exit_Info::call_hooks.

02557 {
02558   object->cleanup (param);
02559 }

void ace_mutex_lock_cleanup_adapter void *    args

Definition at line 4751 of file OS.cpp.

References ACE_OS::mutex_lock_cleanup.

04752 {
04753   ACE_OS::mutex_lock_cleanup (args);
04754 }

void ACE_OS_Object_Manager_Internal_Exit_Hook void   

Definition at line 6545 of file OS.cpp.

References ACE_OS_Object_Manager::fini, and ACE_OS_Object_Manager::instance.

06546 {
06547   if (ACE_OS_Object_Manager::instance_)
06548     ACE_OS_Object_Manager::instance ()->fini ();
06549 }

void ACE_TSS_Cleanup_keys_destroyer void *    tss_keys

Definition at line 1996 of file OS.cpp.

Referenced by ACE_TSS_Cleanup::tss_keys.

01997 {
01998   delete ACE_reinterpret_cast (ACE_TSS_Keys *, tss_keys);
01999 }

const char* get_rcsid_ace_OS const char *    [inline, static]

Definition at line 23 of file OS.cpp.

00023 : OS.cpp,v 2003/06/03 22:23:55 michel_j Exp $")

Variable Documentation

int ace_exit_hook_marker = 0

Definition at line 6865 of file OS.cpp.

Referenced by ACE_OS_Object_Manager::at_exit, and ACE_OS_Exit_Info::call_hooks.

ACE_OS_Object_Manager_Manager ACE_OS_Object_Manager_Manager_instance [static]

Definition at line 6972 of file OS.cpp.

const char* rcsid_ace_OS = get_rcsid_ace_OS ( rcsid_ace_OS ) [static]

Definition at line 23 of file OS.cpp.

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