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Based_Pointer_T.i File Reference

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#define ACE_COMPUTE_BASED_POINTER(P)   (((char *) (P) - (P)->base_offset_) + (P)->target_)

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#define ACE_COMPUTE_BASED_POINTER      (((char *) (P) - (P)->base_offset_) + (P)->target_)

Definition at line 4 of file Based_Pointer_T.i.

Referenced by ACE_Based_Pointer_Basic::addr, ACE_Based_Pointer_Basic::dump, ACE_Based_Pointer_Basic::operator *, ACE_Based_Pointer::operator->, ACE_Based_Pointer_Basic::operator<, ACE_Based_Pointer_Basic::operator<=, ACE_Based_Pointer_Basic::operator==, ACE_Based_Pointer_Basic::operator>, ACE_Based_Pointer_Basic::operator>=, and ACE_Based_Pointer_Basic::operator[].

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