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Base_Thread_Adapter.h File Reference

#include "ace/pre.h"
#include "ace/OS_Log_Msg_Attributes.h"
#include "ace/OS_Export.h"
#include "ace/post.h"

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class  ACE_Base_Thread_Adapter
 Base class for all the Thread_Adapters. More...

class  ACE_OS_Thread_Descriptor
 Parent class of all ACE_Thread_Descriptor classes. = Container for ACE_Thread_Descriptor members that are used in ACE_OS. More...


ACE_OS_Export ACE_THR_FUNC_RETURN ace_thread_adapter (void *args)

Detailed Description

Base_Thread_Adapter.h,v 2003/02/21 18:36:32 chad Exp

Nanbor Wang <>

Definition in file Base_Thread_Adapter.h.

Function Documentation

ACE_OS_Export ACE_THR_FUNC_RETURN ace_thread_adapter void *    args

Definition at line 106 of file Base_Thread_Adapter.cpp.

00107 {
00108   ACE_OS_TRACE ("ace_thread_adapter");
00110 #if defined (ACE_HAS_TSS_EMULATION)
00111   // As early as we can in the execution of the new thread, allocate
00112   // its local TS storage.  Allocate it on the stack, to save dynamic
00113   // allocation/dealloction.
00114   void *ts_storage[ACE_TSS_Emulation::ACE_TSS_THREAD_KEYS_MAX];
00115   ACE_TSS_Emulation::tss_open (ts_storage);
00116 #endif /* ACE_HAS_TSS_EMULATION */
00118   ACE_Base_Thread_Adapter *thread_args =
00119     ACE_static_cast (ACE_Base_Thread_Adapter *, args);
00121   // Invoke the user-supplied function with the args.
00122   ACE_THR_FUNC_RETURN status = thread_args->invoke ();
00124   return status;
00125 }

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